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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Andy Roddick

It's always a good day when you see a new photo of Andy Roddick and his hot chest hair. Roddick didn't play in the French Open due to an injury, but he seems to be playing well in the tune-ups on grass preceding Wimbledon. While it will be difficult for him, perhaps this could be his year at Wimbledon.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Other Jason Workman photos from June 1988 MGF

Um, right, so you can definitely tell that these photos are from 1988 and not 2008. Wow, has fashion really changed this much over the past 20 years? I guess so. These are from the wonderful June 1988 MGF "Special Swimwear Issue!" This fashion spread is called "The Big Easy - Top Summer Fashion," edited by Gerald Rothberg.

Mr. Rothberg writes, "In June, your favorite summer clothes get a new, easy look. The polo shirt, the plaid jacket, the cotton shorts, and the lightweight sweater have each been updated this month for you. Be combining the talents of MGF's editors with the knowledgeable retailers at Manhattan's Bobby Dazzler, we've discovered the best, casual, hot-weather fashions. Best tip: Add a burst of color to the black and khaki summer trend."

Bobby Dazzler? I wonder if he is still in business.

The patterns in the black and white outfit hurt my eyes. And in the second outfit, what would the late 80s and early 90s have been without heavy use of the color teal? And we have another bad pattern in the polo shirt. Plus 4 or 5" inseam pleated shorts. You gotta love it!

Jason Workman workout photos

Here are two photos of Jason Workman from the June 1988 MGF from an article entitled "You! Armed and Dangerous: Take the fast track to big, brawny arms." Oh ya, he's hot.

And now a commercial break from Circus magazine

This is a great ad for Circus magazine from the June 1988 MGF. I wonder what would happen if you sent the reply card in today? Is the special offer still valid?

Jason Workman Gotcha trunks

OK, I concede that the swim trunks are outdated. You can tell that 20 years have passed fashion-wise. In 2008 men's swimwear is mostly baggy and goes down to the knee because people in the United States are such prudes. Even though the trunks are outdated, Jason is so hot. I want him to put that zinc oxide on me. And lots of other things. Ah...

Jason Workman Ocean Pacific trunks

Jason Workman exudes sex. I could look at that chest hair all day. By the way, whatever happened to Ocean Pacific? Is that brand still around? I had a pair of OP royal blue corduroy shorts in the mid-80s.

Jason Workman 1988 swim trunks

So cute. So hot! Where are you now?

Jason Workman "International Flags" Speedo

This is my all-time favorite photo of Jason Workman. Hot, hot, hot. That handsome face. That sexy chest hair. Plus I've always had a thing for a guy that looks good in a Speedo, and Jason sure does look amazing in a Speedo. Wow! He still does it for me 20 years later.
This may be too much information, but some gentle readers may wonder if these photos provided me with the same kind of "amusement" and "entertainment" that they provided me with as a teenager. Well, let me say this: Bobby left for Peru yesterday morning and he will be gone for two weeks. Bobby is without question the hottest guy in the world for me, and even if Jason Workman appeared at my condo door right now, I'd have to turn him down because I love Bobby. But Jason Workman circa 1988 is #2 after Bobby. So yes, Jason's photos have provided me with some "amusement" and "entertainment" this weekend with my boyfriend in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jason Workman orange and black bikini

Here is why Jason Workman is my ideal guy: a lean and athletic body that isn't too muscular, unshaved and hot chest hair, and an overall preppy look. This photo was key in my teenage hormonal rages.

Jason Workman MGF found!

A nice guy named Shane sent me an email alerting me to the fact that someone was selling old MGF (Men's Guide to Fashion) magazines on eBay. I had never bought anything off of eBay before, but there's a first time for everything. For $20 I was able to buy the issue of MGF. By the issue, I mean the June 1988 "Special Swimwear Issue!" featuring none other than Jason Workman. Yes, the Jason Workman who first caught my eye when I was an innocent 14 year-old in New Berlin, Wisconsin. The Jason Workman who has appeared here, here, and here in past blog posts. The Jason Workman who became my ideal guy at age 14, and who I haven't forgotten about 20 years later. The Jason Workman who I found perfect because he was not only a hot model, he was also a talented singer and Broadway actor.

Being new to eBay, I wasn't sure how things would work. But a mere four days after I bought the June 1988 MGF on eBay, it arrived from somewhere in upstate New York carefully packaged in my mailbox. I was both excited and apprehensive when I opened the envelope. Excited because I was going to see Jason Workman in swimwear again. Excited because I had spent many, many hours with these photos of Jason when I was a teenager. Apprehensive because I realized that these photos are now 20 years old. Would they be disappointing 20 years later now that I'm 34 and not 14? Would I still find Jason Workman attractive in 2008?

My fears were alleviated as soon as I reached page 28 and saw Jason Workman. A series of odd emotions flooded over me: excitement, sexual arousal, and awkward nostalgia. There he was! Jason Workman in all his hot glory.

The image in this post is NOT Jason Workman. It's Pat Linge. But I wanted to show the cover of the issue of MGF that provided me with so much satisfaction when I was a teenager. Jason Workman's images will be the next posts.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Indiana Jones

Bobby and I saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" over Memorial Day weekend. While it was mindless and fun entertainment, I found myself disappointed. The whole alien/psychic storyline didn't do anything for me. The reason I liked "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" so much was that it didn't venture into such outrageous terrority with aliens, etc. It was nice to see Indiana Jones back on the big screen, but George Lucas should not be writing screenplays anymore. And Steven Spielberg should have reigned in some of the more outrageous plot points. Also, I can't decide if Shia LaBeouf is cute/hot or if he's really Shia LaDouche, as Michael K on dlisted.com calls him.

the parents

Prior to Memorial Day, I had met Bobby's parents once at a brunch. I thought that the initial meeting went reasonably well, but wasn't sure how his mom felt about me. I could tell that she was sizing me up and trying to determine if I was good enough for her son. Fair enough. While we hung out without them a majority of the time, we did share some meals and conversation over Memorial Day weekend. I totally bonded with his mom over the weekend, particularly when we shared a bottle of wine on Saturday night. I can tell that she really likes me, and I think that she's great. His dad is jovial and nice, but uses humor to keep a distance between himself and anyone who isn't a family member or long-time friend. Overall, I think that I'm in good with the parents, espeically his mom.

Next up: meeting his sister in a few weeks. She is reportedly high maintenance, but many would place me in that category, so maybe we'll hit it off. Or not - time will tell.

music video

While we were on one of our hikes, Bobby and I saw a music video being filmed on the beach. I can't remember the band's name, but it had the word Skyline in the title. They were early 20s, and the lead singer had hair that was flat-ironed just like Pete Wentz. The song sounded all right, but not great. It was interesting to see the music video being filmed. It was semi-professional, but not like a Janet Jackson video or anything.

I enjoy being able to say that this hike began with our seeing a scarlet tanager and ended with our watching a music video being filmed. Evidently seeing a scarlet tanager is a special occurrence that happens only in late spring. They are really beautiful - makes a cardinal appear dull.

I almost bought this in Indiana

I may have to buy it the next time I'm there. It would be a good conversation piece to put out on the patio at my condo. Plus it complements this photo that I love of Lesley since they are both frogs playing a stringed musical instrument. Granted, Kermit is playing a banjo and the cement frog is playing a guitar. And one is Kermit The Frog while the other is some random frog. But you see the similarity.

Memorial Day weekend

Bobby and I spent Memorial Day weekend at his parents' vacation home in Beverly Shores, Indiana. I was surprised at how nice it is there. Not knowing much about Indiana, I was expecting it to be either like Gary with lots of run-down steel mills, or tree-less farm land. This small part of Indiana is actually quite lovely with lots of trees. Beverly Shores is in the middle of a national and state park, so it's leafy. We did two fun hikes in the state park and a third hike in the national park. Climbing up and down some of the sand dunes was an adventure.
We also played tennis. I hadn't played since 2005 when I got serious about running, so I was awfully rusty. Bobby beat me 6-0, 6-3.
Overall, it was very nice and relaxing.

Jason Mraz

Is it wrong that this photo of Jason Mraz turns me on? Well, his body does, but the knife is very much a turn-off.