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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Other Jason Workman photos from June 1988 MGF

Um, right, so you can definitely tell that these photos are from 1988 and not 2008. Wow, has fashion really changed this much over the past 20 years? I guess so. These are from the wonderful June 1988 MGF "Special Swimwear Issue!" This fashion spread is called "The Big Easy - Top Summer Fashion," edited by Gerald Rothberg.

Mr. Rothberg writes, "In June, your favorite summer clothes get a new, easy look. The polo shirt, the plaid jacket, the cotton shorts, and the lightweight sweater have each been updated this month for you. Be combining the talents of MGF's editors with the knowledgeable retailers at Manhattan's Bobby Dazzler, we've discovered the best, casual, hot-weather fashions. Best tip: Add a burst of color to the black and khaki summer trend."

Bobby Dazzler? I wonder if he is still in business.

The patterns in the black and white outfit hurt my eyes. And in the second outfit, what would the late 80s and early 90s have been without heavy use of the color teal? And we have another bad pattern in the polo shirt. Plus 4 or 5" inseam pleated shorts. You gotta love it!


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