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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jason Workman "International Flags" Speedo

This is my all-time favorite photo of Jason Workman. Hot, hot, hot. That handsome face. That sexy chest hair. Plus I've always had a thing for a guy that looks good in a Speedo, and Jason sure does look amazing in a Speedo. Wow! He still does it for me 20 years later.
This may be too much information, but some gentle readers may wonder if these photos provided me with the same kind of "amusement" and "entertainment" that they provided me with as a teenager. Well, let me say this: Bobby left for Peru yesterday morning and he will be gone for two weeks. Bobby is without question the hottest guy in the world for me, and even if Jason Workman appeared at my condo door right now, I'd have to turn him down because I love Bobby. But Jason Workman circa 1988 is #2 after Bobby. So yes, Jason's photos have provided me with some "amusement" and "entertainment" this weekend with my boyfriend in the Southern Hemisphere.


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