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Sunday, March 18, 2007

New sheets

The sheets I had for my bed were three years old and of mediocre quality. Yes, they were 100 percent cotton, but they were old and used, sort of like their owner. As a result, I had been thinking about buying new ones. I mentioned this to Ruben and Sarah French on Friday night. Ruben and Sarah French said that 100 percent Egyptian cotton is essential and they also recommended that I go for a high thread count. With this information in mind, I went to Macy's yesterday since all of their bedding was on sale, plus I had a coupon for 15 percent all home furnishings. I was all set to buy these pretty cool Ralph Lauren sheets in a fun green color called honeydew. However, they weren't Egyptian cotton and the thread count was "only" 250. Ruben and Sarah French's recommendations were gnawing at me. So then I looked at the Macy's Hotel collection. There were two options: (1) 500 count pima cotton or (2) 600 count 100 percent Egyptian cotton. I felt both options and even closed my eyes to try to see if I could tell a difference. I couldn't really detect any difference between the 500 and 600 count varieties, but the comparison ruled out the Ralph Lauren 250 count, since those felt like sandpaper compared to the Hotel brand. I would have purchased the 500 count, but I was mindful of Ruben and Sarah French's advice. So I ended up buying the 600 count in gold. Original price for queen flat, fitted, and pillowcases was $350, but you'd have to be a fool to pay full price for any home item at Macy's. Sale price was $259.97. Fortunately, I had my 15 percent off coupon which made my price $220.97. Since I like to have two sets of sheets, multiply that by two and I paid $441.94. Ouch!

I wondered if I'd have buyer's remorse. I washed them yesterday afternoon and had my first night's sleep in them last night, and I'm pleased to report that I'm quite pleased with my purchase. They're quite wonderful. Very luxurious.

Ruben told me that with these nice sheets, I'd better be discriminating in allowing a guy to share my bed. As usual, sage advice from Ruben, but it's been so long since anyone but me was in that bed, I don't think I have to worry.


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