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Friday, February 09, 2007

February 7, 2007

I want to have a record of what I did the day that Abby was born:

6:10 a.m., woke up. The temperature in Milwaukee is about -5 degrees.
6:20 a.m., ran 4 miles outside while listening to the awful and banal WKTI morning show
7:00 a.m., shower, shave and get dressed
7:20 a.m., watch beginning of "Today" show (on DVR) while eating Multi-Grain Cherrios with skim milk, pulp free orange juice, and fat free strawgerry yogurt
7:40 a.m., drive to work. Even though it's cold, it's sunny with no clouds in the sky.
7:55 a.m., arrive at work. Morning is the usual with emails, phone calls, writing, and projects
10:50 a.m., walk to gym. Swim laps for 25 minutes.
11:25 a.m., shower
11:40 a.m, walk to Subway. Order usual lunch: 6" veggie sub on wheat bread with all vegatables except onions and banana peppers, brown mustard. Original Baked Lays. Cost is $3,90. Walk back to office
11:55 a.m., eat lunch at desk while reading USA Today.
12:35 p.m., resume work
1:30 p.m., meet with boss
2:30 p.m., Dave calls to say that Sara is in labor and in hospital
3:00 p.m., meeting in another building, see quite a few colleagues
4:42 p.m., text message from Dave: "We're doing good here."
4:43 p.m., my text message to Dave" "Let me know if you need anything. Call when baby arrives."
5:30 p.m., leave work
5:40 p.m., go to Pick 'n Save Metro Market for groceries. I buy red seedless grapes, bananas, fat free strawberry yogurt, pulp free orange juice, skim milk, and some other items.
6:00 p.m., eat some leftovers and grapes for dinner
6:35 p.m., leave for Bradley Center. It's still really cold.
6:45 p.m., enter Bradley Center for Marquette men's basketball game vs. Rutgers. Watch game with Scott and Sarah F.
6:51 p.m. text message from Dave: "Text me some score updates from the game. Things here at good. She is making progress."
7:48 p.m., my text message to Dave: "32 23 MU @ half. Hang in there."
7:49 p.m., Abby is born
8:10 p.m., Dave calls my cell phone with the good news. I answer just as the second half of the game begins. It's a girl!
9:05 p.m., Depart Bradley Center. Marquette wins 67-47.
9:12 p.m., arrive home. Call my parents to talk about the baby.
9:14 p.m., My text message to Dave: "67 47 MU. Call me when she has a name!"
10:05 p.m., Dave calls with the baby's name: Abigail Kathleen
10:10 p.m., send out email to list Dave and Sara gave me announcing Abby's arrival
10:15 p.m., go to sleep as an uncle for the first time.


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