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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Silver Fox in Long Beach

Nate and I went to the Silver Fox, a gay bar in Long Beach on a night when they had karaoke. Neither one of us sang. Ordinarily I'm game for foolishness like that, but these queens were a bit too Southern California-snobbish for my liking. Granted, we met quite a few nice people, as these photos attest. The younger woman took an instant liking to me. She said she thought I was "cute and interesting." How nice of her! The older woman kept talking with me about getting stoned, which is something that I don't do. Even though I told her as much, she proceeded to have a long conversation with me about the many, many times over the years that she was stoned. She was one of those women who had really lived life. She had tales to tell, and some of them were quite interesting. I loved her scarf, as you can see from the photo. Unfortunately, there were no cute guys there where there was any mutual interest. Oh well, I guess I don't need a long distance relationship.


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