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Friday, February 09, 2007

Next Wednesday

Right now I am irritated and angry. I know that it's not considered healthy to be angry, but I'm allowing myself to be angry regardless. Earlier today I had this idea that I should organize a dinner with my single friends in Milwaukee for next week Wednesday, the "day which must not be named." I figured it would be fun for us single folks to get together and celebrate the advantages of being single. Sarah French articulated some of those advantages.

Sarah French wrote:
"I am very thankful for certain aspects of my single life: to come and go as I wish, to be able to spend more time with my family, to be able to spend more time with my friends, to decorate as I wish, not having to compromise on things I want, etc."

I agree with Sarah's insightful remarks. In any case, I sent an email to Sarah French, K__, J___, Ma___, and Mi______. Sarah will be in New York on business, so she can't make it. Fair enough. J___, Ma___, and Mi______ all more-or-less blew me off, especially Mi______.
Whatever. I thought that we single people should stick together, but I guess they don't agree with me. I admit it: I do mind being single. While I would much rather be in no relationship than in a bad one (and I know some people who are in bad ones), I don't particularly care for the fact that I'm 33, single, and have absolutely no prospects. I've felt no chemistry with the guys who have been interested in me in 2007. And the guys who I email from Yahoo personals, Match.com, gay.com, etc., aren't interested in me. In sum, there doesn't seem to be a guy in the metro Milwaukee area who can stomach me. I guess I am that unattractive. One thing's for certain: I'm not going to subject myself to seeing any of my friends who are "Smug Marrieds" or smug people in relationships on the "day which must not be named." Other days, I welcome it. But not next Wednesday.

Since none of my single friends in Milwaukee want to have dinner with me, my plan now is to hole up in my condo, make a huge pan of brownies, and buy a can of Betty Crocker frosting. Then I'll sit with the pan of brownies and the frosting on my lap and eat the brownies directly from the pan and the frosting directly from the can. I may eat the whole damn pan of brownies and the whole damn can of frosting. At least brownies have never let me down. Many men have. And I'll call Nate and Lesley, my fabulous and wonderful single friends in Southern California. They would have dinner with me if they lived here or if I lived there.


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