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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Online dating error

I was just looking around on Match.com for possible guys to email in the Milwaukee area. I was looking at all of these new profiles and couldn't believe how many interesting guys I was finding. I hadn't logged onto Match in about six weeks, so I figured that quite a few guys must have created profiles recently. I sent messages to three guys before realizing that Match had changed my search from "man seeking man" to "woman seeking man," so I was seeing all of the straight guys. Just my luck. And yes, I must be going crazy in my quest for a boyfriend.

In case anyone wants to reply, here are my current profiles:
Yaoo Personals


Anonymous Jenny said...

Hi Steve! I am a friend of Nate's from way back when. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

Take care,

8:46 PM  

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