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Sunday, March 11, 2007

My personal inflation calaulator

My lunch of choice is a 6" veggie sub from Subway. I get it on wheat bread with all the veggies except onions and banana peppers. I also get a small bag of Original Baked Lays. Since I'm a Virgo and have some OCD tendencies, I eat this lunch most weekdays unless I have a lunch meeting or other plans. I enjoy the walk to Subway, which is about four blocks from my office; it's nice to get out of the building for a few minutes. I typically eat at my desk while reading USA Today. I've been eating this lunch since 1996 and I never tire of it. The present cost is $3.90. I use the cost of this lunch as my personal inflation calculator. Here are the prices over the years: $2.84, $2.46, $3.15, $3.26, $3.56, and presently $3.90. Sometimes people ask me why I don't pack a lunch at home. Well, $3.90 is still far cheaper and less labor intensive than it would be for me to buy the ingredients for a similar sandwich and make it at home. So why not stick with Subway?


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