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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Cure

When I first heard The Cure back in high school, I admit that I wasn't impressed. But ignorance can be fixed, and my ignorance was quickly changed into understanding, respect, and admiration, thanks to my friends Bonnie and Dave. For many years, I have counted The Cure among my favorite bands of all-time. So it was a real treat to see the The Cure perform live at the Allstate Arena on Saturday. Seeing Robert Smith and the rest of the band was a highlight of my many years of going to concerts.

With some of these bands whose careers peaked in the 80s, you wonder if they'll simply cash in a performance. But any fan of The Cure knows that they put on an amazing show with a great deal of passion and lots of hard work. Definitely not just cashing it in.

Set list:


prayers for rain


a night like this

the walk

the end of the world


pictures of you


the perfect boy

from the edge of the deep green sea

hot hot hot

sleep when i'm dead


friday i'm in love

in between days

just like heaven


never enough

the only one

wrong number

one hundred years


Encore: if only tonight we could sleep

the kiss

Encore 2: the lovecats


close to me

why can't i be you?

Encore 3: boys don't cry

jumping someone else's train

grinding halt

10:15 saturday night

killing an arab

Without question, the highlight for me was "Pictures of You." It's one of my very favorite songs by any band, and the live performance did not disappoint. I definitely appreciate moments in life when I experience real transcendence, and hearing "Pictures of You" performed live was a transcendent moment for me. Amazing. "There was nothing in the world that I ever wanted more/than to feel you deep in my heart."
Other great songs for me included "Lovesong," (although the live version seemed a bit rushed) "Lullaby," "Hot Hot Hot," "In Between Days," "Just Like Heaven," "Disintegration," "Close To Me," "Why Can't I Be You?" and oldies "Jumping Someone Else's Train," and "10:15 Saturday Night."
The only song I was hoping to hear that they didn't play was "Fascination Street," but I'm not complaining since it was such an excellent show. While they played a number of tracks from their yet to be released 13th studio album, I was pleased that they covered pretty much every part of their career, particularly from what I think are their best albums: "The Head on the Door," "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me," "Disintegration," and "Wish."
Brad, Ryan F, and I had a most enjoyable evening. I'm very glad that I can now say that I've seen The Cure live.


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