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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Most popular baby names in Wisconsin

The most popular baby names for 2006 in Wisconsin were:

1. Ava, don't like it at all.
2. Emma, pretty cute.
3. Emily, I like it.
4. Olivia. pretty decent.
5. Isabella, pretty decent.
6. Abigail, I love it, though am partial because that's my niece's name.
7. Hannah, OK, but not great.
8. Ella, like it.
9. Grace, nice.
10. Sophia, like it.

My favorite girls names are Elizabeth, Eleanor, Lucy, and Laura. Elizabeth because it's a great name, and H.M. Queen Elizabeth II is worth naming one's daughter after. Eleanor or Ellie in honor of Eleanor Roosevelt. Lucy for in honor of two great ladies: Lucy from C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia and Lucille Ball. Laura in honor of Laura Ingalls.

1. Ethan, like it.
2. Jacob, don't like it for reasons known to many of my readers.
3. Logan, don't like it, sounds like a porn star.
4. Mason, don't like it, too Southern.
5. Alexander, OK.
6. Noah, like it.
7. Benjamin, love it.
8. Owen, like it.
9. Tyler, OK.
10. Michael, classic.

My favorite boys names are all screwed up because many that I used to like are the names of ex-boyfriends. Matthew and Harry are my favorite boys names. I've never dated a Matt or a Harry, so those are both classic and safe.


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