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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J-Mo clarity aka another one bites the dust

Here's an edited version of J-Mo's response to my email:

"Hi Steve,
Last night was a blast and so much fun! You are awesome to go shopping with and I love the sweater you got. Guess where all my stuff that I bought is? Yup, still sitting in the bag at the bottom of my closet where I'm sure it'll stay for a long time.

Thanks for the awesome comments about the good Samantha qualities! That was very flattering and so kind of you to say. Hopefully we can keep hanging out and keep it as just friends (long story that I'll have to update you on sometime). You are so awesome to hang out with and great company and I always look forward to spending time together.

Have an awesome night and I promise to make you some CDs soon, I just have to remember to get them out of my car first ;) Take care and talk to you soon!


Oh well. This is par for the course for me, and this news is hardly a surprise. We've been "dating" (I guess I should say "hanging out") since August, and nothing physical ever happened. So the quest continues for a boyfriend.

As Lesley would say, "Well, that happened."


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