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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm in love with Steven Rosengard

I'm in love with Steven Rosengard from the new season of "Project Runway." What's not to love? He's 30, lives in Chicago (just 75 miles away), has really short hair, hot chest hair (see photo), and is incredibly talented. His designs are classic, elegant, and flawless.

I got my hands on an email address for him and sent him the following message:

"Hello Steven, I have no idea if you'll actually read this message, but it's worth a shot. When the cast for "Project Runway" was announced, I knew that you'd be my favorite designer as soon as I saw your photo. I could tell that you were intelligent, kind, and classy. That was borne out on last night's episode. There's no question that your dress was the most beautiful. Your sensibility is flawless, and I look forward to seeing what you do in the weeks ahead. In any event, I wanted to say hello and let you know that you have a fan here in Milwaukee. You seem like a great person; someone worth getting to know. If it wouldn't seem pretentious or like I was trying to hit on a celebrity, I'd ask you out. You seem like great boyfriend material! Hope that this note finds you well. Take care, Steve from Milwaukee."


I hope that he writes back! Regardless, he's amazing. Go Steven!


Blogger Ric said...

hello steve,
i happened on your blog in looking at the new project runway designers. steven rosengard may have rejected you, but it's clearly his loss based on your bio. i'm 2000 miles away a couple of decades older than you, but if you're not the description of the perfect boyfriend, then there's something off with the universe and i have no taste (and i do have taste!). you sound like an amazing guy.

ric in los angeles

10:54 PM  

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