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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Farewell to Chris B's blog

Chris over at boysbriefs has decided to hang it up and stop adding new entries to his blog. I started reading Chris' blog in 2004 when he posted some hot photos of swimmer Michael Phelps. I got hooked on reading Chris' blog, and have been a regular reader ever since. It was interesting to read his perspective as someone who, unlike me, went to gay circuit parties and did drugs. I was aware of that aspect of gay culture, but I've never been to a circuit party nor have I ever done illegal drugs. I think that the queens who run circuit parties would take one look at me and deny me entrance because I'm not attractive enough (in spite of the fact that I regularly run 28 miles or more per week and swim laps 4 or 5 times each week). And I guess the "Just Say No" message I grew up with during the 80s had some effect on me, because I've always been fine using alcohol rather than illegal drugs to improve my mood and lower my inhibitions.

In any event, it was interesting to keep track of Chris on his journey from a hot, yet not very nice, circuit boy to the still hot, now very nice, married man that he is today. We actually have more in common than I originally thought. We're close in age; he's a year older than me. He trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon as a way to become more disciplined and to meet guys; I've finished four marathons in the past three years and hope to meet a guy running. We both think that The Cure's "Disintegration" is one of the greatest albums ever made. We've both been known to enjoy DVDs from Falcon Studios.
Chris eventually realized that he wanted to settle down and marry the right guy; that is my primary goal in life. Fortunately for Chris, he met Michael, and they were married this fall. I must confess that I'm green with envy. Sure, I'm pleased as punch for Chris and Michael. But I'm also jealous that they've found love and not me. And this begs the proverbial question that I wrestle with constantly: what's wrong with me that I can't find a boyfriend?
Will I ever find a boyfriend? Am I doomed to be lonely, becoming more cynical and bitter each year, for the rest of my life? How do other guys find boyfriends? Are there any good guys left in Milwaukee, or are all the good ones already in relationships? Should I leave Milwaukee, my friends and family, to move somewhere where it's more likely that I'll find a husband?
In any event, au revoir Chris, and best wishes on your marriage.

When I started my blog, Chris and I had the following email exchange:

Steve: BTW - I first found your blog in 2004 when I did a Google search for "Michael Phelps"+gay. I know he's not gay, but you had a post about him and that's how I came to follow your life these past years.

Chris: It's kinda funny that you found my blog that way... I was quite enamored with Michael Phelps for a while. Now that I'm more interested in writing stories, I probably wouldn't post half-naked pics of a hot swimmer... but it's good to know some of those people continued reading my blog. :)

Chris and I also had a very gay email exchange years ago regarding chest hair:

Steve: I see from your desert race photos that you are shaving your chest again. Interesting.

Chris: Interesting good? Or interesting bad?

Steve: Humm, just interesting. On the one hand, you embrace your "gayness" when you shave your chest. On the other hand, we are in our 30s, and having hair on our chests can be pretty sexy. The photo on your blog of you dancing in Nashville where you have hair on your chest is quite hot (apart from the goatee, which I'm glad is gone). I can appreciate your shaving your chest before the race in order to stay cooler in the desert heat. But don't be afraid to let it grow out because it's sexy to have chest hair. What does your boyfriend think of it? He seems like he isn't as hairy as you, although he seems like the type who would also shave. All this said, I do shave/trim mine from time to time, so who the hell knows.

Chris: You've given this a lot of thought, haven't you? ;) I agree with most everything you say. I like chest hair on a guy because I tend to like men and loathe "boys." But I also like really clean cut, preppy guys so it can't be too much hair... it's gotta be neat. Truthfully, the reason I do it has less to do with embracing my gayness.... and more because I'm really skinny, which is something I'm quite self-conscious about, so removing the hair makes it appear as if I have a bit of definition. Also, I don't actually shave, I just trim... shaving is way too much trouble, and it leaves burns and bumps. As for Michael, he's a triathlete and he swims nearly every day... so he shaves EVERYTHING.-chris

Steve: Right you are.


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