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Friday, February 09, 2007

Nate's party

Nate hosted a very nice party in my honor at his condo when I visited Orange County recently. It was great to meet many of his Southern California friends. Plus no one had ever hosted a party in my honor before so that was a real treat. Thanks, Nate!

I helped Nate make four pizzas using Boboli pizza crusts: Pizza #1: fresh mushroom slices, pepperoni, and onion bits with a tomato sauce and garlic powder and lots of melted mozzarella cheese. Pizza#2: the standard pepperoni pizza with slices of pepperoni with mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce. Pizza#3: Stevie special vegetarian "junk" pizza with fresh mushroom slices, black olives, green pepper, orange bell pepper, fresh onion, tomato sauce and a hearty helping of Italian spices, pepper and mozzarella cheese. Pizza #4: mystery Asian chicken special which had chicken tenders sauteed in olive oil atop a orange hoisin Asian sauce with ginger and hot pepper flavors. Accent flavors included fresh pineapple and orange bellpepper and mozzarella cheese.


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