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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Barbie and Chad's Halloween party, 2008

This was my eighth consecutive year attending Barbie's (and now Chad's) annual Halloween party. Barbie and Chad pull out all the stops with catered food, impressive and extensive decorations, and lots of fun. It's always one of the social occasions of the year. Many thanks to Barbie and Chad for their gracious hospitality.
Photos above:
1. Kelly as David Lynch's films.
2. Michelle as Rhonda Byrne's bullshit book, The Secret.
3. Me as a really bad Austin Powers, John M. as a Ken doll, and Kelley as Twister.
4. Barbie and Sarah French as a black-eyed P.
5. Barbie and Chad portray Sid Visious and Nancy Spungen.

Hopefully Brad, Anne, Erika, John B., and Mandy will be able to attend in 2009.


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