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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, like I haven't already had enough depressing news for one week. On top of the fact that I'm 35 and single, Miller Coors announced that it's discontinuing Zima. That's right, no more Zima. Mind you, I can't be too disappointed about this news since I haven't actually had a Zima since 1994, but it's still bad news because back in my college days, I enjoyed this "malternative" beverage from time-to-time. (Yes, I'm a flaming 'mo.) Every time my then-friend Doris opened a bottle, she'd proclaim in a high voice, "Ooooh, Zima!"
John M., Astro Michelle, Ruben, Mark, Kelly, Sarah French, and I were just talking about Zima last Friday over dinner at Bella's Fat Cat. I asked if anyone would drink a Zima with me sometime. Now I need to find some Zima on a close-out sale before it's consigned forever to my memory. Ooooh, Zima!


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