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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I wish I could get Turbo HD from DISH

I am a long-time Time Warner Cable subscriber. Time Warner stinks. First, Time Warner is overpriced. Time Warner's channel selection is mediocre. Time Warner's HD options are meager and incredibly insufficient. Time Warner's DVR service is unreliable and lacking.

I would very much like to switch to Turbo HD from the DISH Network, specifically their Gold Turbo HD package. Unfortunately, I live in a condo building, and my unit has windows facing north and west. In order to get Turbo HD from DISH, you must have a southern facing wall. I don't, so no Turbo HD for me. This is a definite drawback of condo living, because my only choices for television service are Time Warner Cable or AT&T Advanced TV. I have asked numerous people about AT&T Advanced TV, and have heard that AT&T's customer service for TV is even worse than Time Warner's cable - a feat I did not think possible.

Just one example of why I am so irritated with Time Warner: I am a huge fan of the US Open tennis tournament. I attend three days of the tournament in-person each year and watch the rest on TV. The coverage on USA Network this year was in HD, but Time Warner doesn't give me USA in HD. So I was forced to watch the US Open in standard definition (read: blurry and fuzzy).

I hope that people who are able to do so switch to DISH and force Time Warner Cable into improvements. They can't come soon enough.


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