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Monday, August 18, 2008

Existential crisis of the day

Virgo existential crisis of the day: should I go to the Target on Miller Park Way (6.3 miles) or the one on Chase Avenue (6.5 miles)?

Ruben, Mark, Andy, Kelly, Anne, and Brad all shop at the Chase Avenue location. Michelle, who makes more trips to Target than anyone I know, goes to the Miller Park Way location. I tend to prefer the Miller Park Way location because it's newer and it has more grocery items than the Chase Avenue location. But sometimes I think that I should go to the Chase Avenue store because I could potentially run into Ruben, Mark, Andy, Kelly, Anne, or Brad, and I always enjoy socializing.

I wonder which one John M. goes to. Or does John M. even shop at Target? Humm, I can't really picture him at Target, but who knows.

I think that Sarah French does most of her shopping in Racine. And I think that Barbie goes to a Target way up in Grafton (20.8 miles).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, which one was it? And do you really buy groceries at Target?

7:51 AM  
Blogger weickardt said...

I shop at Miller Park Way when I'm looking for kid items that my regular Target is out of. But I'm usually there during the week--mornings. So I don't think you'll run into me. BUT I have seen Anne there...:)

7:37 PM  

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