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Sunday, March 18, 2007

almost, except for a wedding ring

While I was at the gym on Monday, minding my own business, this guy came up to me, said hello, and asked me for directions to a business where he was going for a meeting. I knew more-or-less where this office was, told him, and that was it. Except he kept talking with me. By the end of the conversation, I knew quite a bit about him. After a while of his continuing the conversation even though I was trying to be a bit off-putting, I wondered if he was hitting on me. I'm usually off-putting at the gym because I know that it's mostly straight guys, and I don't want to get my ass kicked or anything. This guy was totally my type - short light brown hair, clean-cut, hot chest hair, and a great smile. Except for one minor detail: he put a wedding ring on after his workout. Damn.


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