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Friday, November 24, 2006


I just walked over to Qdoba for a vegetarian burrito. Since Qdoba (formerly Z-Teca) opened here on the East Side of Milwaukee in 1998, I've eaten hundreds of burritos there. I typically eat at the Q at least once a week. I figure it's better than Taco Bell and most other chains. In any event, tonight there were five other guys eating alone at the Prospect Avenue Qdoba. None of them were wearing a wedding ring (I tend to notice these things). All of them were around my age and attractive. My perennial quandary: how do I know if a guy is gay or straight? Since the whole meterosexual craze a number of years ago, my gaydar is nonexistent. I could just take a chance and give a guy my phone number. Here on the East Side, it's fairly safe to do that even if the guy is straight. Maybe I need to start carrying a pen and paper so I can start doing that. After all, I'd be excited if any of those guys had given me his phone number.


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