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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Comment from Ruben about my finding a husband

To: Ruben
From: Steve

I’m hoping that some guy will come across my blog, be intrigued, and ask me out.

To: Steve
From: Ruben

Good! Relying on gay.com and yahoo personals exclusively is so 2003.
A blog is a must for any modern 'mo in hot pursuit of an LTR.

Your writing thus far is very blogworthy, and I think it will be a good tool to add to your arsenal of husband-hunting gadgetry.

Note from Steve: I still use yahoo personals, match.com, and sometimes gay.com. None of them have borne any fruit thus far, but hope springs eternal. I was, however, a bit depressed earlier today when I checked yahoo personals and found that the only guy who had checked out my profile recently is 56.


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