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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Madonna: The Confessions Tour

Like any good gay boy, I watched "Madonna: The Confessions Tour" on NBC a few days ago. One of the best concerts I ever attended was Madonna's "Reinvention" tour at the United Center in 2004. In any event, Madonna is still, without question, an amazing performer.

"Future Lovers" - The concert seemed to start off a big sluggish with this song.
"Get Together" - My fears that this might not be a good show were alleviated here. There's no question that she keeps getting better as her career progresses. Once again she creates an almost overwhelming visual experience with video and her dancers.
"Jump" - The dancing was impressive with lots of acrobatics. Madonna is so intense. You can tell she's a perfectionist and a hard worker. Even when she smiles during the show, it's probably planned. She definitely wants those attending to have a mind-blowing experience, and she delivers.
"Live To Tell" - This has always been one of my favorite Madonna songs since it's so full of emotion, so I was glad that she included it on this tour. Even though she's no longer a Roman Catholic, her upbringing in that tradition is still with her. She put a crown of thorns on her own head during this song, which reminded me of the "Like a Prayer" video. It was interesting how she used "Live To Tell" to bring attention to the 12 million AIDS orphans in Africa. Even though she doesn't profess Christianity anymore, Madonna is nevertheless a good Christian in her charity work on behalf of African children. I liked how she used Matthew Chapter 25 as a call for people to help African children.
"Forbidden Love" - The imagery of the gay couple, one Jewish and one Muslim, was interesting. The dancing here reminded me of New Order's "True Faith" video.
"Isaac" - This song doesn't do much for me, but it was interesting to see it performed live.
"Sorry" - In the long line of female power Madonna songs. It had more intensity live than on the album.
"Like It Or Not" - This was a good Peggy Lee-inspired torch song, a moment that the many gay guys in the audience seemed to appreciate. Excellent.
"I Love New York" - This song is dumb. Madonna's jacket was fabulous. Her guitar playing and the dancing were an extravaganza for the senses.
"Ray of Light" - She had a fairly up-tempo new interpretation for this song. As you expect from Madonna, the dancing was innovative.
"Let It Will Be" - Was great, but the NBC telecast was over-edited during this song.
"Music" - It was fun how she led into "Music" with a cover of the Trammps "Disco Inferno" and a short version of her own "Where's The Party." I loved her white bell bottoms.
"Erotica/You Thrill Me" - A great combination of songs. It's always nice to hear "Erotica."
"La Isla Bonita" - I'm not positive, but this song has probably been in more of her tours over the years than almost any other. A nice blast from the past.
"Hung Up" - It was cool how "Lucky Star" was sampled at the beginning. She is so amazing, particularly when you remember that she's 48. As I wrote earlier, she just keeps getting better and better. This song in particular reminds me (not that I need reminding) that Madonna is f*cking fabulous.


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