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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bigmouth Strikes Again

I could (and may) write many posts about The Smiths, one of my all-time favorite bands. For now I'll focus on one particular Smiths song, "Bigmouth Strikes Again." It's impossible to select a favorite Smiths song, but "Bigmouth" would be right up there for me. It played on XM Channel 44 on my way back to Milwaukee from my parents' house this afternoon. I turned the volume way up and sang along with Morrissey. I love Johnny Marr's acoustic 12-string guitar in this song. Marr's music has a driving intensity that gets my adrenaline flowing. Morrissey's lyrics are full of cynical and unapologetic anger, yet there is an underlying humorous tone throughout the song. When I saw Morrissey most recently in 2004, he performed "Bigmouth" and substituted "iPod" for "Walkman" in the lyrics to update the song for the 21st century.


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