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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gay running club in Milwaukee?

Chris was fortunate enough to find his husband. When he was single, he tried finding a husband at a gay running club in Atlanta. So far as I know, there isn't a gay running club here in Milwaukee. I wish that there was since that might be a good place to meet a boyfriend. I became an avid runner in 1999 thanks to my friend Kim. I've run three marathons in the past two years and average about 25 miles per week when I'm not training for a marathon. I've ran a few times with the Badgerland Striders, but haven't found any eligible gay guys there. If any eligible gay runners in Milwaukee are reading this, get in touch with me!

Here's a couple of photos of my brother Dave and me running the 2006 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. I'm on the left.


Blogger Chris said...

Good luck Steve! Don't limit yourself to just running groups... there are a million other places to meet guys. For example, you should look into volunteer organizations too.

7:52 PM  

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