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Monday, November 17, 2008

Malatesta Trattoria

Nate and I met up in New York this past weekend. Saturday night we had dinner at Malatesta Trattoria in the West Village. While we were eating, Nate asked me to turn around casually to see who was sitting across the restaurant. Lo and behold it was Adrian Grenier having dinner with two women and one other man. He was in his usual uniform of jeans and a fitted t-shirt. I got up to use the little boys’ room so that I could get a better look. Adrian's hair was longer than it looks on TV, and he had his typical five o'clock shadow. He's even more of a looker in real life than on television; Adrian is quite pretty. Since it was a small restaurant and since it was New York where you’re supposed to leave celebrities alone, I didn’t attempt a photo or try to shake his hand or anything like that - knowing that doing so would have been rude and interrupted Adrian's dinner. Nevertheless, it was a fun celebrity sighting.


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