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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Speaking of Anne's August 2000 party

Speaking of Anne's party in August 2000 where Jim Christie was so sunburned, I found these other photos from that evening. I should mention that this was Anne's 26th birthday party. At the time, she was dating Andy H., but no one knew because Andy insisted that things be kept clandestine. Of course the truth always comes out, and I remember the many phone calls the next day confirming the fact that they were indeed dating. Fortunately Anne's good sense prevailed, and she ended up getting engaged to Brad in 2003 and marrying Brad in 2004. In any case, the photos are:
1. Anne with her birthday cake.
2. Michelle SD, me, and Michelle Sp (aka Astro Michelle).
3. Anne and me.
4. Me with Tim F., who I think was dating Mattress at the time. I haven't seen Tim F. in years. I used photo #4 on Yahoo Personals back in 2000 and early 2001. It helped me land an honest-to-goodness boyfriend in January 2001.


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