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Saturday, August 04, 2007


I had the day off yesterday because I'm still trying to use my vacation days from last fiscal year. After running and swimming, I had my usual lunch at Subway. Then I went to the Target on Miller Park Way. When entering the parking lot, I wondered if I would see Michelle, since she works near there and she oftentimes makes a Target run over her lunch hour. Sure enough, just when I was putting Propel Fitness Water in my cart, Michelle came walking up the aisle, a vision in black. It's hard for me to surprise Michelle, since I'm a Virgo and so predictable, and she's a Leo and more spontaneous. Michelle is a bona fide Target junkie. In fact, she once had a blog about shopping at Target, but I don't think that she's updating it anymore. We chatted for a few minutes at Target, but Michelle was in a hurry. I told her about the new M&M TV commercial I had seen that references the web site mms.com. I got such a kick out of seeing that commercial since Michelle's initials are MMS. I said that it should be her web site, not M&M's. She agreed.


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