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Friday, July 06, 2007

All because of a chocolate chip cookie

If there's a gay Mafia in Milwaukee, Jim J. and Jerry T. are the leaders. No question about it. They know most of the gay guys in Milwaukee between the ages of 25 and 55. I'm not entirely certain how they do it, because so far as I know, they're not big bar people. Jim has a job where he is connected to lots of gay guys, and both of them seem to attract other gays like moths to a flame. Part of it is probably the frequent savvy entertaining they do at their uber-trendy downtown condo. I met them through Brad, who used to work for Jerry. Jim and Jerry are very nice guys and fun to hang out with, although I don't spend as much time with them now as I used to. The reason being that in the almost three years that I've been single, they have yet to set me up with anyone from their large cadre of gay friends. That sticks in my craw, although I've never said anything about it. In any event, Jim and Jerry are kind enough to host a Fourth of July party on their rooftop deck. From that vantage point you can see at least 20 different fireworks displays all around Milwaukee. It's a fun and happening party, and they pull out all the stops with respect to drinks, ambiance, and hors d'ouvres. This year they had a large plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm never one to pass up a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie, so I helped myself to one of these yummy treats. Soon after picking up the cookie with a napkin and enjoying my first bite, I noticed a gaggle of eight gay guys, all in their "required" uniform of tight t-shirt, tight jeans or plaid shorts, and flip-flops. They looked aghast at me. How could I even contemplate eating a chocolate chip cookie at a trendy party? That's just not done. I overheard one of these clones say, "Can you believe he's eating a chocolate chip cookie?" He said it with a tone I'd use if I saw someone snorting cocaine. I just kept walking away from them and went into another room. I decided that eating a chocolate chip cookie in front of those kind of gay guys is the equivalent of serving casseroles (aka "hot dishes") at a party hosted by Episcopalians - it's just not done. The things is: I really don't care. I could never date a guy who would be embarrassed by the fact that I enjoy a chocolate chip cookie. It's not like I'm overweight or anything. But evidently these gay guys subsist on bottled water, vodka, and an occasional salad, and think that all other gays should follow their lead. That's definitely not for me.

In spite of these mean gays, I had a fun time at the party and appreciate Jim and Jerry's kind invitation. It was fun to catch up with Jim and Jerry and to hang out with Barbie, Chad, Michelle, Kat, and Sarah French.


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