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Friday, July 06, 2007

Jennifer E's birthday

Here is a photo of Jennifer E on her birthday. She brought the gang together at Twisted Fork to celebrate the occasion. Jennifer E has a number of signature sayings. "I'm tellin' ya" is probably her best-known saying. It can be used in response to almost anything someone might say to you. "Did you hear that Bush gave clemency to Scooter Libby?" "I'm tellin' ya." "Paris Hilton is taking acting lessons." "I'm tellin' ya." "Steve still doesn't have a boyfriend. "I'm tellin' ya."
Another Jennifer E saying is "I'm gonna kick [pause] your ass." And when she says it, she means it. Jennifer E was in the Air Force for years. If I'm ever in a bar fight, I want to be right behind Jennifer E. Lord knows that she would be much, much more effective in a brawl than I could ever be.


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