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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Kelly and I went to Frank N Stein's, a bar and restaurant in River West that used to be a funeral home, last week. They have karaoke at night. Kelly and I sang "Separate Lives" by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. We had a lengthy discussion about who would sing which part; both of us would have been comfortable singing either part. We ultimately decided to go with the traditional gender roles with me singing Phil's part and Kelly singing Marilyn's part. The karaoke version of "Separate Lives" was quite a bit slower than the original, so that threw us for a bit of a loop. In spite of that, I think that we did a good job with the song. It was fun singing with Kelly; she has a great voice. I hope to return to Frank N Stein's to sing this song with Kelly a second time.
I also sang a solo version of one of my very songs, "Anything That's Part of You" by Elvis Presley. It's an Elvis song that few people know, but it's exceedingly beautiful. Of course, I would never presume to sing it as well as The King, but I think that I delivered a respectable version. Thanks, Kelly, for a fun evening.


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