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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Next generation

Earlier this spring I met two high school friends for dinner at Harry's. Brad, Bonnie, and I all graduated from Eisenhower High School in New Berlin, WI in the early 90s. Brad and Bonnie both have young sons. Bonnie and her husband Bill have an 11 month old named Everett (top photo). Brad and his wife Anne have a 7 month old named Trevor (bottom photo). Both little boys are cute and fun to be with. Even though we're approaching our mid-30s, it can be difficult to believe that we're old enough and mature enough to handle parenting. Well, not me, but Brad, Anne, Bonnie, and Bill are all great parents. It doesn't seem like that long ago that Brad, Bonnie, and I tried unsuccessfully to remove a stop sign in western New Berlin. While that memory is still fresh in my mind, it was almost 17 years ago!


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