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Friday, April 13, 2007

9 years of Qdoba

I received an email from Qdoba informing me that the Q location on the corner of Oakland Avenue and Kenwood Boulevard, the first in Wisconsin, was celebrating its ninth anniversary this month. I remember very well the day in the spring of 1998 when Michelle S (now Michelle SD) called me at work to say that Dennis Getto from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had written a review of this new burrito place, which was then called Z-Teca instead of Qdoba. I think that the name change from Z-Teca to Qdoba occurred in about 2000 or so. In any vent, Getto liked what he ate, so Michelle and I promptly checked it out. Since then I think it's fair to say that I've eaten at Qdoba approximately 50 times per year. So 50 burritos per year times 9 years is 450 trips to the Q. Wow. People who know me realize that I tend to be a creature of habit (see prior post about Subway veggie sub), and that I'm Virgo (read: OCD) enough to stick with a good thing when I find it. [Note to future boyfriends: once you win me over, it's likely that I'll commit for the long haul.] My order at Qdoba is almost always the same: vegetarian burrito, black beans, two scoops of hot salsa, and cheese. And, of course, a Coca-Cola.

The email I received from Qdoba headquarters gave me a buy one, get one free deal at the Oakland Avenue Q this week. So Mandy and I enjoyed this special offer on Wednesday.

Here's to another nine years of vegetarian burritos at Qdoba!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is slightly OCD. Can you tell me how much money you paid in 9 years of Q by using your Subway scale of inflation? Somehow, I am sure you know the answer.


9:43 PM  

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