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Friday, February 09, 2007

Poem about Abby written by Nate

Nate wrote this poem about Abby, my new niece. I love it!

by Nate

Not too long ago, in last summer forlorn
When Dave and Sara got giggy,
We never thought there’d be a baby born

A baby [last name]!! A baby [last name]?? We were all in a shock.
How exciting! How wonderful! We all looked at the clock.

Nine months we would wait and count patiently we did
To find out the sex of this little [last name] kid

A Boy? Or a Girl? We did not know…
Some of us waited a long time through the winter snow…

We made many wishes to heaven
And just waited and waited until 2007.

All pregged-out and ready to pop
Mamma Sara cruised by her due date faster than Uncle Stevie could mop

Meanwhile Papa Dave talked lots of shop, and bought a house new
As Bill and Judy in retirement bliss, prepared for grandbaby, too.

And then all of a sudden, in a February evening of cold
A little [last name] baby popped out, in her first moment—so bold!

Yes! Yes! Yes! It is a girl!
She’s so cute, adorable, quite the little pearl!

Finally she made it! She let out a big cry.
We all celebrated and began counting all the pink bows we could buy.

For our dear little Abigail, "Abby" for short
Was here in a big way, (like Marquette basketball was on the court!)

[Last name] family fun has only just begun
Grandpa Bill with a guitar song on the left.
Grandma Judy with a tennis racket on the right.
Uncle Stevie adoring his niece with all his fierce might!

Proud parents they are, Sara and Dave
A tsunami of love they gush, bigger than all the ocean’s waves.

Happiness we feel, Miss Abby, you should know
We will watch you get big and grow and grow!

Be healthy, be safe, be happy and have fun.
Learn to walk, talk, play and run.

Welcome ABBY! (Just please don’t be crabby).


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