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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

City of Milwaukee propety taxes

This year I was curious about how much my friends who live in the City of Milwaukee pay in property taxes. All of the information is public record and easily available online, so if anyone has a problem with this, too bad, because anyone with a computer can look it up.

$14,417 Jim and Jerry
$7,868 Brad and Anne
$5,366 Me
$4,963 Kelly
$4,395 Scott and Sarah
$3,756 Dave and Kristy
$3,206 John
$3,006 Sarah
$2,916 Dave
$2,790 Ruben and Mark
$1,990 Kim

In looking at just my friends, we make a fairly sizable contribution to the City of Milwaukee.

Fortunately this year, my escrow check was $300 more than my property tax bill, so I already sent it in, and will hopefully receive the $300 refund sometime soon.


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