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Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's good to be happy!

Hey there everyone,

Friday is John M's birthday. He hasn't planned anything and doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. However, Julie and I were talking tonight and he wants to go to dinner at Beans & Barley on Friday night. I asked Julie if she thought it would be fun if we (the group) showed up for dinner...unexpectedly. She's all for it!

So if you are available and would like to join in the surprise let me know so that I can make the appropriate reservations.

7pm, Friday night at Beans & Barley...let me know if you are in!

Jennifer E
Jennifer E.,

This is a great idea, and ordinarily I’d definitely say yes. However, I already have plans on Friday. I suppose it’s time that I spilled the beans and let you know that I’m dating a new guy. His name is Bobby. He’s 34, a high school choir teacher, and an overall great person. While it’s still fairly early, I’m very excited about this, and he seems to be, too. I figured that the word might already be out there because Jim and Jerry saw the two of us on a walk together on Sunday afternoon. I figured Jim or Jerry would be on the horn to Anne about this, so I’d better get the news out there myself – something that I’m a bit reluctant to do given my prior dating history. In any case, nothing can be too easy, and the hitch in this case is that Bobby lives in Arlington Heights. It’s 78 miles from my condo to his. My philosophy is that it’s better to date a quality guy who lives 78 miles away than a non-quality guy who lives in my same zip code. Milwaukee hasn’t yielded much by way of dating for me, so why not a NW Chicago suburb? I did ask Bobby to join me at Barbie’s game night on Saturday, but he is conducting a choir concert that night. I do hope that you’ll have the opportunity to meet him sometime soon. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.
For some reason, I thought Sara French was writing this e-mail. I got confused when she called her house a "condo." And then even more confused when she signed her e-mail "Steve."
So anyway, STEVE, I think the long distance thing can definitely work, and even be good in some ways. It gives you time when you're not together to take care of the things you need to, and I think it makes you appreciate the time you do have together more. Can't wait to meet him!

I did know about your new man...you know Jim and Jerry- they can't keep their mouths shut, or their camera phones off! I thought you'd talk about it when you're good and ready. I'm very happy for you!
I forgot about Barbie's game night on Saturday night. I have to see what my parents are up to on Saturday before I can commit for sure, though odds are the late notice will prevent us from showing up.

AND- as long as people are spilling their darkest secrets...Brad and I are expecting another baby at the end of September. Is it bad that when I found I was thinking about how I'd have to miss yet another Barbie Halloween party?!?



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