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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun at Jennifer E's party

1. Mark and Ruben with a mug with some kind of woodland fairy depicted on it.

2. Jennifer E and Ruben, both Geminis, with a Gemini perfume.

3. Me pointing at Jennifer E's "Trouble" perfume. When she wants to, Jennifer E can indeed be trouble. And she can be a Mynxxx, too. One of Jennifer E's signature sayings is, "I'm tellin' ya." The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the wisdom of this statement. "I'm tellin' ya" can be used in virtually any situation. It's also non-judgmental, yet still acknowledges what someone just said to you. Consider the following examples:

Statement: Michelle went to Target four times this week.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

Statement: Andy works evenings so he has a convenient reason to avoid social events.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

Statement: Ruben is recording for Hal Leonard again.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

Statement: Sarah French is in Racine tonight.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

Statement: Steve and Brad are obsessive-compulsive about cleaning.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

Statement: Britney Spears had another breakdown.

Response: I'm tellin' ya.

You get the idea, "I'm tellin' ya" works in any situation. Try it, you'll like it.

4. Me, Mark, Jennifer E, and Ruben.

5. Sarah French massaging Mark's hair.


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