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Sunday, December 09, 2007

latest interest: Joseph Johnson

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has a new principal cellist this season, Joseph Johnson. In addition to being a remarkably talented musician, Joe is also very attractive. I've seen him perform three times so far this season. After the first time, I sent him this letter:

September 29, 2007

Mr. Joseph Johnson
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
700 N. Water St., Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Dear Joseph,

Welcome to Milwaukee, and congratulations on earning the principal cello position with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I attended the concert on Friday evening, and I enjoyed it a great deal. The Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 is one of my favorite pieces. The whole work is sublime, and listening to the second movement is a particularly transcendent experience. You did a fantastic job in your remarks to the audience. It was interesting to hear your comments as a professional musician on the Rachmaninoff and on the Beethoven Symphony No. 5. Your talk helped me appreciate the Beethoven more than I would have without your perspective, particularly the third and fourth movements. So thanks for making the concert more enjoyable.

I’m writing not only to say how much I enjoyed your talk at the concert, but also because I’d like to ask you out for coffee or dinner in the unlikely event that you don’t have a partner. You seem like a great person; someone worth getting to know.

A bit about me: I’m 34, I earned a master’s degree in history from Lehigh University, and I work at Marquette University with Christina H, Mark H’s wife. Feel free to ask Christina about me if that would be helpful. I’m an avid runner and swimmer, and will be running my fourth marathon on October 7. I’m no musician, but I’ve been a MSO subscriber for quite a few years. You can check out the following links to learn more about me:
It would be great to get to know you, Joseph. I hope to hear from you.
Best wishes,
Unfortunately, I have yet to receive any sort of reply from Joe.
Before the Beethoven Symphony No. 9 concert, they played a video asking people to donate to the MSO. Joe was featured in the video practicing his cello at home. His house looked very Virgo-esque: clean, minimalist, tidy, hardwood floors.
From hearing him speak both at the concert and in the video, it's clear that he's gay. Now I just need to get him to respond to me. I'll keep trying, stay positive, and remember that hope springs eternal.
Joe Johnson: please call me!


Anonymous Barbie said...

When I saw this concert with my mom, I said to here, that's toally a guy Steve would be into and lo and behold, you had already written him a letter! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you hear back from him. Can you get more scoop from your co-worker?

9:18 AM  

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