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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun video: gay TV characters

I am all about this video. Love it! Some thoughts on the clips shown:

1. What is this mini-series from 1984 called “Tommy Thompson’s Celebrity”? I’m sure that the Tommy Thompson who made the “Celebrity” mini-series in 1984 isn’t the same Tommy Thompson who was governor of Wisconsin. The scene shown is pretty amazing. I am going to see if it’s available on Netflix. Oh shucks, it’s not.
2. The “Dynasty” clip is funny even though I never watched that show. I was a “Knots Landing” fan, not “Dynasty”.
3. The “I’ll Take Manhattan” clip is AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND FANTASTIC. I love it, and it got me all hot and bothered. Oh, that shirtless blond guy with all that chest hair! And the other guy is pretty beautiful. I can barely stand it! But all the excellent sexual tension left me disappointed since the scene ends in a hug, a reminder that in 1987 they could have never gotten away with a gay kiss on network TV (or probably even cable). My mom had the paperback of Judith Krantz’s “I’ll Take Manhattan.” I remember reading it in 1988. It was the first time I had ever encountered anything with a gay love scene. I read and re-read the couple of pages involving the gay couple literally hundreds of times. Unfortunately, “I’ll Take Manhattan” has not been released on DVD. Nevertheless, it's in my Netflix queue for if it's ever released.
4. I remember watching the “Melrose Place” scene in college. It was so disappointing. Of course, Matt was the only celibate character on that show, which was completely unfair.
5. I never watched “Dawson’s Creek.” But this scene is nice, and at least they were allowed to show the kiss on TV. BTW – I do have an adult video entitled “Dawson’s Crack,” but that’s a different story.
6. Of course, I’m all about the “Desperate Housewives” scenes. Justin, Andrew Van de Kemp's lab partner/lover, was portrayed by Ryan Carnes, who is smoking hot.
7. I am all about “Brothers & Sisters,” especially since I know that Ruben can’t stand it. But you have to give the show credit for having gay characters – especially Kevin and Scotty – who got married in Season 2.



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