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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I love "Runner's World"

I love "Runner's World" magazine because they consistently feature hot guys on the cover, as you can see above. I'm particularly taken with Dante Spencer, a 32 year-old runner from Los Angeles who graced the March 2009 issue. Woof! He is so freaking hot. If I lived in Los Angles, I'd do everything in my power to run into Dante. My only quarrel with the people at Rodale Press who publish "Runner's World" is that they make these guys shave their chest hair, and sometimes leg hair, for the photo shoot. Why? Looking at Dante's face, eyebrows, legs, and arms, you can tell that he would have a hairy chest. So why did the people at Rodale make him shave it? Yes, it's sexy in the photo, but it would be even hotter if he had stayed away from the razor. The same is true for the guy from the April 2009 inside cover. I can't locate his name because I already gave this issue away to a friend, but I think that his last name is Hounslow, he's 26, and he's from England. Again, you can see from his arms, head, and eyebrows that he would have a nice hairy chest if the folks at Rodale didn't make him shave it.
So people at Rodale and "Runner's World," keep the hot runners coming on your covers, but throw those razors away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, dante is my cousin and he truly does look like that. he has never really been the type to be hairy besides his face. lol thought id let u know that

6:28 PM  

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