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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wisconsin primary follow-up

Unfortunately, Sam McGovern-Rowen didn't make it through the primary in the race for City of Milwaukee District 3 Alderman. The run-off will be between Patrick Flaherty and Nik Kovac. I'm not sure who I'm voting for. As I mentioned previously, I feel some obligation to vote for Flaherty since he's a 'mo like me. But he's smug and pretentious. I don't know much about Nik Kovac other than what I heard him say at the debate I attended a few weeks ago. It looks like Flaherty will win. Given what I've written about him, I hope that he doesn't raise my already sky high property taxes if he wins.

I was glad that Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic presidential primary in Wisconsin. Tuesday should be interesting with Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island voting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came upon your post about the aldermanic race. I'm sorry to read your characterization of Patrick, but hopefully we can still earn your vote, as we did with Sam Rowen. I've known Patrick for over 15 years and he really is the opposite of smug. He is actually quite shy, modest and self-effacing; to be sure, rare qualities among those running for office. He has an extremely hard time promoting himself, so I can't imagine why you had that conclusion. Honestly, it makes me wonder how well you know him. I sincerely hope you give him another chance. I believe that if you knew him better, you would rethink your opinion of him.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading your other blog postings and appreciate your attention to this important election.

8:21 PM  

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