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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Green Valley Spa

Following all of our hiking at Zion and Bryce, Bobby and I checked into the Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah for a few nights. It's quite a nice place, although it was a bit hot during the day, but we knew that in advance. And that's why we got a two for one rate, so it was worth it. They give you three meals a day cooked fresh by their chefs. It's all incredibly healthy, so we ate very nutritious and good for you meals. So much so that I had to sneak out the afternoon of the second day to find a Coke to cure the pounding headache I had as a result of no caffeine.

I had two massages designed for athletes while at Green Valley. Both helped with the tension that I get in my lower back from running. They also worked on my feet and neck quite a bit, which felt good.

There were also lectures you could attend on various wellness topics. We went to one on the healing power of music. This focused primarily on Asian/Eastern instruments. We also went to a lecture on nutrition that made me want to give up drinking Coca-Cola, but I probably won't!

I swam laps each day, we played tennis, we did a stretching class, Bobby went to yoga. Overall, it was very active yet relaxing for a spa.

One night we went skinny dipping in the pool and hot tub. Bobby was a bit apprehensive, but I wasn't worried. Why not live it up?


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